The Town of North Topsail Beach is surrounded by water on three sides - sound, inlet, and ocean, so many visitors and property owners like to enjoy the water by boat.


The Town is not responsible for navigational waters, that is undertaken by the Federal government through several agencies (ex. US Army Corps of Engineers, NOAA, and US Coast Guard are some).  


The US Coast Guard website is a recommended resource for boating information.


Please visit also visit the US Coast Guard's website here to access the latest Local Notice to Mariners.  If you boat in our area frequently, you may want to subscribe to their weekly emails here (our area is in District 5).  The Local Notice to Mariners would include information on shoaling of the New River Inlet.


To the right are some other resources.


If you are a boater and have any other resources or information to share with the Town about boating in our area, please contact Town Hall at



Boating Safety  (Source: USCG)


Regulations (Source: USCG)


US Aids to Navigation (Source: USCG)


Apps & Tools (Source: Discover Boating)