2020 Sea Oats Cost Share Program

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

***The 2020 Sea Oats Cost Share Program is now SOLD OUT. Thank you to everyone who participated.***

Press Release

Subject: Sea Oats Cost Share Program

Date: 3/12/20

The Town of North Topsail Beach is excited to announce this year’s sea oats cost share program. Through the program, the town will pay half the cost for each order (plants are 60 cents each, so the public will only pay 30 cents per plant). The Town will begin accepting orders on Monday, March 16th, with the linked form on a first-come, first-serve basis as supplies last.

The Importance of Dune Vegetation

Sand dunes can provide substantial protection from storm‐induced erosion. For that reason, protecting the existing dunes and berms with vegetation is an effective shoreline management practice. Vegetation slows the wind near the surface, trapping sand. This process stimulates vegetation growth, building dune elevation.

Sea Oat Planting Tips

  • Because sea oats are a warm-season perennial grass, seedlings may be planted during the warmer months of April through September.

  • Seedlings should be placed at least 8 inches deep in moist sand, such as after rain. Don’t worry about planting the seedlings too deep. Planting too shallow often results in poor survival.

  • When planted in the spring and early summer months, seedlings will grow vigorously if properly fertilized and, if necessary, watered at planting.

  • Including one level teaspoon of time‐release (18‐6‐12 Osmocote or similar type) fertilizer in the planting hole will boost growth (use only time‐release fertilizers in the planting hole because ordinary soluble fertilizers may damage the seedlings’ root).

  • If you are not able to plant the sea oats yourself, contact a local landscaping contractor for assistance. Many of them are familiar with these plants.

  • More information in “The Dune Book” by Spencer Rogers & David Nash. Available online.

Ordering Plants for the Cost Share Program

To order your plants for the Spring 2020 season, please use the linked order form and mail or email it to Town Hall. If you are emailing and want to pay online, please see the instructions on the bottom of the form. The plants will arrive in May and can be picked up at 2008 Loggerhead Court, North Topsail Beach on the specified days until supplies last.

To Mail Your Order Form North Topsail Beach Temporary Town Hall 1000 NC HWY 210 Sneads Ferry, NC 28460 Checks payable to “Town of North Topsail Beach”

To Email Your Order Form info@ntbnc.org Subject Line: Sea Oats Order Form Pay online and email receipt with form

Plant Pick-up Site

North Topsail Beach Town Hall

2008 Loggerhead Court

N Topsail Beach, NC 28460

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