2021 Mountains-to-Coast finishes at Richard Peters Town Park

On a rainy Saturday, approx. 800 bicycle riders ended their week-long 2021 Mountains-to-Coast bicycle tour at the Richard Peters Town Park in North Topsail Beach, NC. This annual event first held in 1999 is sponsored by the non-profit North Carolina Amateur Sports. The tour promotes physical fitness through biking, enjoying the scenic countryside of rural North Carolina and promoting tourism throughout the state.

Each day’s ride covers of 60-70 miles along a unique country route ending at a small town. At the end of each day’s ride, a camp headquarters is set up in a local park with showers, food and entertainment.

Many riders do camp, but some elect the comfort of a bed & breakfast or local motel Riders had started in Sparta, NC on October 2nd before riding to North Topsail Beach from Wallace a distance of 64 miles on day 7 of the event. North Topsail Beach was honored to be chosen as the coastal town for the end of the ride this year!