BOA Regular Meeting Information (Nov.)

REMINDER: The Board of Aldermen will hold a Regular Meeting on Thursday, November 5th, at 6:30 PM. Due to concerns with COVID-19 and in an effort to adhere to federal and state guidelines, the meeting will be conducted virtually. To watch the meeting live, go to the Town's YouTube channel. To submit a public comment, email the text of your comment to the Town Clerk at by noon the day of the meeting. The Clerk will read your comment to the Board during the meeting. All rules of the public forum still apply, which include the following:

  • Comments are limited to 3 minutes.

  • State your name and address to identify yourself.

  • No offensive language.

If you violate one of these rules, the Clerk will reach out to help you correct your statement. Complete agenda packet is forthcoming. In the meantime, take a look at the agenda below.

View the 2020 Regular Meeting schedule here.

Board of Aldermen

Regular Meeting


Thursday, November 5, 2020

6:30 P.M.

I. Call to Order (Mayor McDermon)

II. Invocation (Alderman Leonard)

III. Pledge of Allegiance (Mayor McDermon)

IV. Approval of Agenda

V. Manager’s Report

VI. Open Forum*

Staff will collect questions ahead of the Meeting and present to the Board of Aldermen.

VII. Public Presentations and Hearings

A. Status Update and Possible Presentation of Bids (Mr. Jim Stumbo of Stewart, Cooper and Newell)

B. Coastal Engineer Update (Mr. Fran Way of ATM Consulting)

VIII. Consent Agenda

A. Approval of Minutes (October 1, 2020; October 21, 2020)

B. Department Head Reports

1. Finance Department

2. Fire Department

3. Inspections Department

4. Planning Department

5. Police Department

C. Committee Reports

1. Planning Board & PPI Committee

2. Board of Adjustment

3. TISPC (link to minutes)

4. ONWASA (link to minutes)

D. MOTV Tax Return

E. Surplus Vehicle

F. Budget Amendment

IX. Continuing Business

A. Revenue/Federal Project Discussion (Alderman Grant, Town Manager Gilbride and Finance Officer Elliott)

1. 1% Occupancy Tax

2. 3% Occupancy Tax

3. Paid Parking

B. CAMA Land Use Plan (Planning Director Hill)

C. Planning Director’s Recommendation for Osprey Request (Planning Director Hill)

X. New Business

A. Ordinances- Driving on the Beach (Mayor McDermon)

B. TISPC 2021 Goals (Mayor Pro Tem Benson and

Alderman Leonard)

C. NC Coastal Community Resiliency (Mayor Pro Tem Benson and Ms. India Mackinson)

XI. Attorney’s Report

XII. Mayor’s Report

XIII. Aldermen’s Report

XIV. Adjournment