BOA Update — June/July 2020

Date: 6/29/20

The Board of Aldermen held a Special Meeting on Wednesday, June 24th, at the Town’s North End Fire Station. Here are the items to note:

  • Special Use Permits 19-01, 19-02, 19-03, 19-04 and 19-05: Approved with conditions.

  • Fiscal Year 2020-2021 Budget: Final draft was presented and approved.

  • 2019-2020 Budget Amendment: Approved. As the fiscal year comes to an end, this a common “closeout” practice that moves surpluses to deficits in order to balance the budget. Staff was pleased to report to the Board that the Budget Amendment did not require the Town to take from the “Contingency” line item, which helps the Town’s general fund balance.

  • Shoreline Protection Officer: The Board discussed the position and gave direction to the Town Attorney to review the job description.

  • Town Manager: The Board voted to offer Mr. David Gilbride, who currently serves as the Interim, the position of Town Manager.

This week on July 2nd, the Board of Aldermen will hold its Regular Meeting at 6:30 p.m. The meeting will be conducted virtually and livestreamed on the Town’s YouTube channel. To participate in the open forum, please adhere to the following directions:

  • Email your comment to by noon on July 2nd.

  • Properly identify yourself for the record with your name and address.

  • Rules for the open forum still apply with this method of submission, which includes 1) limiting your comment to 3 minutes, or approximately 400 words, and 2) no profanity.

The Town would also like to issue the following clarifications and reminders:

  • Face coverings at the beach: At this time, there is not a specific requirement that beachgoers wear face coverings, but visitors should practice social distancing. For those who are interested in more information, we recommend this article on when and how to wear a mask on the beach.

  • Waste Collection: Waste collection will still occur on July 4th. It is not unusual to experience delays on holiday weekends, so please account for this in your planning.

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