BOA Update — March 2020

The Town will begin posting follow-ups from the Board of Aldermen’s monthly meetings. As staff can gather important post-meeting information, it will be distributed. These follow-ups will include a copy of the Town Manager’s Report, a link to the recording of the meeting, list of actions taken after closed session, any other important documents presented at the meeting, and the previous meeting’s minutes.

As for the March meeting, here are items to note:

  • February BOA Special Meeting Minutes here.

  • Town Manager’s March Report (below).

  • Video of March Meeting here.

  • Actions taken by the Board during and after closed session:

  1. The Mayor announced that no action was taken during closed session.

  2. The Board approved a motion to authorize the Town Attorney and Alderman Benson to finalize contract negotiations with Arendell Engineers as discussed in closed session. Once it is in a form that is acceptable to the Town Attorney, the Board does authorize the Town Manager to execute the contract.

  3. The Meeting was adjourned.

  • The Fiscal Year 2019 Audit Report and presentation materials have been submitted and accepted by the appropriate state agency. They are now available on our website here.


Manager’s Report – March Special Meeting

Beach Renourishment

Phase 5 Matthew Project

They have completed almost 17,700 linear feet. We are posting periodic updates for property owners and other interested parties on Facebook. S.T. Wooten is now working on the section being funded by the State Funds from S.L. 2019-75 which is the former Resource Institute Funding. You approved utilizing the $1.66 million for this purpose in October. You have a budget amendment in your packet tonight with a budget amendment to account for those funds. I contacted Chris Gibson to contemplate continuing this project north to the south end of the Jeffrey’s lot. He informed me it would be $2.3-2.5 million to complete that section. Because of the amount, I am still recommending performing this portion next year.

Florence Project

Fran has been following the direction given by the Board at last month’s meeting to plan the option for a truck haul in Phases 2-4. We spoke with him yesterday and he is available by conference call tonight. We were informed by FEMA yesterday that the Florence sand project is on hold until the sand source is clarified.

US Army Corps of Engineers

NTB/SC Federal Project

We are obviously very excited about this project. We recently had our first meeting with the Corps and Surf City. The project’s time is being accelerated, so we are ready to dedicate whatever resources are needed to accomplish the Project’s goals. Initially, the Corps has only requested an updated beach survey. We provided our post-Dorian data and are awaiting further direction. A meeting will be held in the next couple of weeks to continue discussing the federal project. We are continuing to work on the items we have been given as of now. We have submitted the surveys to the Corps and they are determining any easement or property needs for the project.

USACE Dredging ICW/New River Inlet Crossing/Channel to Jacksonville

The project is now slated to happen in March/April 2020. There are now 2 environmental windows in which they are concerned. The first is for clams in the channel. The dredging needs to happen in March because of that window. The second window is for piping plover. They are more concerned with the clam window than the piping plover. They still feel confident they will be able to extend those windows if needed. We do want to remind everyone from St. Regis to the north to be aware of this project. There will be pipes, equipment and people moving throughout the area. It is important for their safety and the safety of others to not get in their way during this process. We will post periodic updates on Facebook as they complete the Project.

Berm Push Project

At last month’s meeting, the Board approved a proposal from W.R. Willis Construction to perform a berm push for approximately 33,000 linear feet of oceanfront properties. We had several properties not accept the offer of the push. They officially completed the project yesterday of approximately 28,000 linear feet.

Possible Day for Federal and State Officials to Visit Topsail Island

A contingent of federal, state and local officials will visit Topsail Island on March 19th. These officials will visit each town to view projects happening and planned projects. The primary location of the meeting will be Topsail Beach where Towns will have tables with information compiled for the visiting officials. They will also visit the dredge operation Topsail Beach has just started. They will then move down the island to visit operations in Surf City and North Topsail Beach. North Topsail Beach will show them the area of the Matthew Project and the planned Federal Project by the USACE. Invitations have been sent by Topsail Beach and there are currently around 40 planned to attend.

Town Park Repairs

Jim Stumbo will be here to discuss the Town Park Project.

Town Hall

Jim Stumbo of Stewart, Cooper and Newell is currently working on the plans to repair town hall as is. We had a meeting with FEMA and NC Emergency Management yesterday concerning town hall. They have told us to request another site inspection on town hall. They were concerned some items may have not been considered in the original inspection. This will not change any timelines we have with the work being completed on town hall.

Terminal Groin

Dial Cordy continues to work on the EIS. Mickey Sugg with the USACE is has not given a date for the interagency/scoping meeting. Just to remind you, the USACE is in the driver’s seat for this process. We are now working on their timetable for this process.

Jeffreys Lease and Parking

SP+ is the contracted company currently issuing driving permits on the North End. They are working on options for the Town to consider for possible paid parking. They will be at our planning retreat to discuss.


FY20/21 Budget

Finance Officer Elliott and I have been working on the budget for this year. We have another round of meetings scheduled next week with department heads to discuss their individual budgets.

Florence Reimbursement

We have just received the final twenty-five percent of reimbursement for the State’s portion of two Hurricane Florence projects. We received $397,727 for debris removal and $69,154 for our emergency operations center.

Human Resources

MAPS Study

As you will recall, we are working with the MAPS group to update our job descriptions, personnel policies and salary surveys. Laura, Caitlin and I have one final meeting planned to discuss final updated changes. Cheryl Brown with the MAPS Group will make a presentation to the Board at the Board Retreat. We will come with recommendations on implementation of the study.

Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)

In the past, our plan has primarily covered hurricanes and was entitled a hurricane plan. I have tasked some department heads with updating our plan to be broader in scope. It will be a true Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) to encompass other emergency situations. This was to be completed a couple of months ago but wanted to make sure new personnel were able to provide feedback. I plan to present the final version to you at the April meeting.

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