COVID-19 State of Emergency Weekly Update

Updated: May 21, 2020

Press Release

Date: 4/17/20

The North Topsail Beach Board of Aldermen will provide this week’s update through this press release. The Board redirected resources to a technology solution for a special meeting next week that allows elected officials to remotely participate while the public watches live. Staff will announce the specific details of the meeting when they are finalized.

Below are some topics that received a lot of questions this week:

  • Current State of Emergency

  1. Beaches: Under the Town’s current State of Emergency, parking at public beach accesses is closed. We applaud those who are properly exercising social distancing. Because of the measures put in place by the Board and the conscious efforts of our community, the Governor’s mandate on mass gatherings has been honored.

  2. Short Term Rental Ban: This week, the Board extended the restriction on short term rentals through April 30th in alignment with the Governor’s mandate and surrounding community’s rental restrictions. At next week’s special meeting, the Board will discuss whether or not an extension is needed.

  • Town’s 4x4 Access (Beach Access 3)

  1. This is a question that has come up a few times this week. We want to clarify that this access is currently closed. It is encompassed in the State of Emergency in that all beach parking in the Town is close until further notice.

  • Special Legislation

  1. Many people are asking about economic relief. We suggest that business owners contact the SBA for assistance. One particular citizen asked if North Carolina could draft legislation to encourage or force insurance agencies to cover small businesses’ losses during the COVID crisis. The Board is reaching out to state representatives to express these concerns.

  • Sea Oats

  1. Due to the volume of interests in this project, supplies and pick-up dates are limited. See this press release for details on how to order.

  • Revetment Committee

  1. On April 9th, the Town Attorney reached out to the proposed engineer requesting the engineer reconsider two of the Town’s proposed edits to the contract. These two edits seek to make certain portions of the proposed contract reciprocal to both parties (the Town and the engineer) so the parties will be on equal footing with respect to certain contractual obligations. Although the proposed engineer responded on April 9th indicating the Town would be hearing back from him ASAP on the Town’s request, the Town has not, as of this writing, heard back from the engineer.

  2. The Town anticipates the proposed engineer will be responding in the near future. It is the Town’s hope that the proposed engineer will reconsider his position which will enable the Town and engineer to move forward with executing the contract.

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