Hurricane Isaias Update #3

The Saturday evening briefing from NWS Morehead City revealed that based on the current track and intensity of the storm, little had changed except the forecast wind speeds expected in this area. We can expect to see the first effects of tropical storm force winds Monday night, extending through the early part of Tuesday. Maximum sustained winds for North Topsail Beach are now expected to be 49 mph, with maximum gusts at 62 mph.

Rainfall is still expected to be 2-3” with potential for moderate flooding. The speed of the storm, which is still expected to be fast moving, may minimize the chances for localized flooding. It remains too early for any prediction on storm surge, though any surge would likely occur between Monday evening and Tuesday morning.

The threat of Rip Currents remains extremely high and will continue to be so all next week. The threat of tornadoes, especially in areas east of Rt 17, is high as well.

Please continue to monitor local news sources, and make appropriate preparations.