Notification: Beach, Inlet, and Sound Advisory Committee

The Board of Aldermen approved the proposal to form a Beach, Inlet, and Sound Advisory Committee (BISAC) at their December 6th 2021, board meeting.

This notification is a request for volunteers to apply by Wednesday, January 26, 2022 for membership on this newly-forming committee. Applicants will be residents and/or property owners in the Town of North Topsail Beach who would be available for regular, monthly in-person committee meetings. Experience in coastal management is not a requirement for membership on the committee, as long as members are willing to delve into all aspects of coastal management that affect our Town. Members shall be appointed by the Board of Aldermen for a term of three years with eligibility for re-appointment. All members of the BISAC will serve as such without Town compensation. As everyone knows our shoreline is divided into five phases for beach nourishment purposes. Thus, it is the hope that residents and/or property owners representing each of the five phases will apply. To determine the Phase you live in, please follow this link. Then click on ‘View Shoreline Protection Map.’

In addition to citizen members, the committee will also consist of two aldermen, a coastal engineer, and ex officio members representing the town and county administrations all appointed by the Board of Alderman.

The Board of Aldermen considered the following text as justification for committee formation. “The purpose of the Beach, Inlet, and Sound Advisory Committee (BISAC) is to serve as an advisory committee for management recommendations of one of the town’s most vital assets, namely the beach, inlet, sound, and wetlands that make up N. Topsail Beach. We are a seashore vacation destination and our guests expect to find beautiful beaches, unspoiled wetlands and a safe inlet channel to the ocean. Although the Board of Alderman make the final decision on beach, sound and inlet projects and their financing, the board does not have the time needed to explore all the possibilities for these infrastructure improvements and management. In addition, changes in board constitution, town staff, and town consultants can result in a loss of institutional memory of the town’s strategic plan for future infrastructure improvements such as beach and dune restoration, inlet dredging, etc. A BISAC committee would always be in place something like the Planning Board such that committee members would maintain the institutional memory of the work of the committee as new members are appointed in staggered terms.”

The online application form is now ready for you to complete, if you wish to be considered for the Beach, Inlet, and Sound Advisory Committee. Please click on this link to go to the application form.

On the application form under ‘Other’ committee, please insert Beach, Inlet, and Sound Advisory Committee (BISAC). Questions should be directed to Danyale Lundy, Town Clerk at