Save Those Oyster Shells

As you enjoy tasty oysters from our pristine coastal waters this fall and winter, remember to recycle your oyster shells. Rather than tossing shells in the trash, which is banned, there are several shell recycling drop-off sites across the coast including at the Morris Landing Clean Water Preserve at 898 Morris Landing Rd, Holly Ridge, NC 28445

The North Coastal Federation’s Recycling for Reefs Program collects shell and then works with local partners to build oyster reefs and living shorelines with them. For a complete list of recycling sites across the coast visit

Why Recycle Shells?

● Oyster reefs are needed in our sounds.

● Shells are used to build or restore oyster reefs and living shorelines.

● Baby oysters attach to recycled shells and grow.

New and Restored Oyster Reefs:

● Provide important habitat for fish, crabs, shrimp, and other seafood.

● Reduce sound side erosion.

● Clean our estuaries as more oysters filter the water.

Learn more about our North Carolina Oysters and help “shellebrate” N.C Oyster Week - Oct 11-15 visit