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The Town of North Topsail Beach will implement a “Pay to Park” plan at all town-controlled parking areas on March 1, 2021. In the face of increasing beach maintenance and nourishment costs, the town adopted this plan to help offset the tax impact on our residents and property owners.

The most important information residents and visitors need to know about paid parking is as follows:

  • Paid parking is enforced 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day, year-round

  • Visitors must download the SurfCAST by Otto app to pay for their parking permit (app available in late February).

  • One "Pay By Mail" lot will be available for those without a smartphone.

  • Residents and property owners can register two vehicles free of charge.

  • Enforcement personnel will scan license plates at each lot multiple times per day and issue a $50 fine to those who have not paid.

  • On-street parking is no longer permitted. Those parked in the right-of-way will receive a citation and fine.

To minimize confusion during this transition, we have collected and answered the most common questions about the paid parking plan below. To keep up with the latest information on paid parking implementation, please monitor the Town’s Facebook page and website for updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is paid parking year-round?

Yes, paid parking will be enforced from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day of the year.

2. When will the SurfCAST by Otto app be available for download?

The SurfCAST by Otto app is expected to be available for download on or about February 23rd. The Town will announce its availability on social media and the website.

3. Does one annual pass cover both parking and a permit for the 4X4 drive on area?

Yes, the holder of an annual pass will be permitted to use any designated parking space as well as the 4X4 drive on area.

4. If you purchase an annual pass, does it apply to only one car, or can it be applied to other vehicles in the household?

The annual pass is specific to one vehicle. The pass, and enforcement, are linked to a license plate number, so the pass can only be applied to one registered vehicle.

5. Does the annual pass only go through the calendar year, or is it for a full year from the purchase date?

The annual pass is valid through the end of the calendar year. Therefore, all passes expire on December 31st regardless of purchase date.

6. Are there any discounts available (for Onslow County residents, seniors, veterans, handicapped, etc.)?

The Town is not offering any discounted parking at this time.

7. Are handicapped spaces still available?

Handicapped parking spaces are available at all of the town parking lots, but vehicles still need to be paid for and registered through the SurfCAST by Otto app.

8. If I already purchased a 4X4 drive on area annual pass for 2021, is that pass redeemable under this new system or will I have to purchase a new pass?

North Topsail Beach will honor those annual passes for the year. A listing of those passes which were purchased earlier was furnished to the parking vendor. Current pass holders may be contacted to obtain license plate numbers. 9. If I purchase an annual pass, am I guaranteed a parking space when I go to the beach?

No, unfortunately we cannot guarantee a space. As always, we recommend getting to the beach early in the day or going in off hours during the summer season to increase chances of easily finding a parking space.

10. Will annual pass holders be prorated for their purchase if a natural disaster temporarily closes the beach?

No, we have no plans to prorate passes in such an event.

11. Do people who rent a gazebo or picnic shelter at town parks still have to pay for parking?

Yes, they will still have to pay and register their vehicle with the SurfCAST by Otto app to park in town parking areas.

12. How does a long-term renter in NTB get a pass if the owner wants one too?

Generally, the person whose name appears on the water bill should register each license plate. We suggest renters speak with their landlords directly to coordinate vehicle registration to receive their passes.

13. How do NTB owners in places where they do not directly pay the water bill (ex: an HOA pays) register for their parking passes?

In those cases, we would check the Onslow County tax records to verify ownership. One exception is Rogers Bay Campground, which is coordinating directly with the town to get its residents their passes.


Standard Lots

Hourly - $ 5.00

Daily - $25.00

Weekly - $100.00

Annual - $250.00

Park By Mail Lot – (NTB07 at 4030 Island Drive)

Daily - $30.00

4X4 Drive On Lot

Daily - $25.00

Weekly - $100.00

Annual - $250.00

More details can be found at

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