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The Town of North Topsail Beach implemented a “Pay to Park” plan at all town-controlled parking areas on March 1, 2021. In the face of increasing beach maintenance and nourishment costs, the town adopted this plan to help offset the tax impact on our residents and property owners.

The most important information residents and visitors need to know about paid parking is as follows:

  • Paid parking is enforced 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day, year-round.

  • Visitors must download the SurfCAST by Otto app to pay for their parking permit.

  • One "Pay By Mail" lot will be available for those without a smartphone.

  • Residents and property owners can register two vehicles free of charge.

  • Enforcement personnel will scan license plates at each lot multiple times per day and issue a $50 fine to those who have not paid.

  • On-street parking is no longer permitted. Those parked in the right-of-way will receive a citation and fine.

To minimize confusion during this transition, we have collected and answered the most common questions about the paid parking plan below. To keep up with the latest information on paid parking implementation, please monitor the Town’s Facebook page and website for updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I contact the SurfCAST personnel to get help?

Email Customerservice@ottoconnect.us or call 910-202-6001 between 9:00am and 5:00pm any day.

2. Can I buy a parking permit for the day in one lot/zone, go to lunch, and return to another lot/zone in the afternoon?

Yes, when you pay for any permit you can come and go in any lot/zone for the duration of your parking permit with the exception of NTB44 (the 4X4 Drive On Area), which requires a minimum day permit.

3. Can I register as a resident for free parking?

To qualify as a resident, you must own property within the Town of North Topsail Beach, which is completely on the island. There are 3 options to validate your residency/ownership:

A. If you have an ONWASA account, you can use your pre-validated ONWASA account number. This is via a list provided by NTB to the SurfCAST team and can only be used once. If you get an error, contact SurfCAST support to reset or follow the actions in "C" below.

B. If you live in a Condo Complex that has a master ONWASA account, you should contact your HOA or Management Company to obtain your unique owner code (to be used in the ONWASA field during setup). If you get an error, be reminded that your owner code can only be used once and is case-sensitive (i.e. capital and lowercase letters must be entered exactly). Contact SurfCAST for support if you have any issues.

C. To appeal to SurfCAST and the Town for exceptions (such as property ownership without an ONWASA or Owner code for approval, including newly purchased property), please send your request to the SurfCAST support email (customerservice@ottoconnect.us). Please provide your name, address, and your ONWASA account number or Owner code if available. In some cases, the Town may reach out to the owners for additional information as needed. Upon approval, the SurfCAST team will provide an update with any further instructions.

4. I live in Sneads Ferry – can I qualify for resident free parking?

No. We are aware of misinformation on social media, but Sneads Ferry residents should register as Visitors and pay for their parking via the app.

5. How is parking enforcement done? Will I get a sticker?

Parking enforcement is done via scanning license plates for valid permits on the SurfCAST system. There are no stickers required.

6. How do I purchase an annual permit?

After downloading the app to your mobile device, you should setup your account as a Visitor (email and password are your credentials) and proceed to PARK. On the PARK page enter any valid NTB Parking Zone number (such as NTB01), confirm, and select "Year." Then proceed to pay for your annual pass.

§ NOTE: with an annual pass – you can park in any NTB Town Lot without restrictions.

7. When I purchased the annual permit, 2 permits show up on the app, one for NTB General and one for NTB44. Why?

This is a holdover from when we had NTB44 as a separate zone type and different pricing structure. Either permit is now good for all parking zones in NTB, and this is not an issue. The NTB General Permit, if the only one shown on the app, has equal value to park in any NTB zone, including NTB44.

8. Are there any discounts for Veterans or Seniors?

No, not for this year (2021).

9. Can I use more than one mobile device?

Yes, you can login to multiple devices using the same credentials (email and password). You do not need a separate account for use on a second phone.

10. Can I register my car on two accounts?

No, a car can only be registered on one account. If you have multiple users of your car, the other people should use the same login credentials for one account.

11. Can I purchase a parking permit in advance?

Yes, with limitations. All permits go active at the time of purchase. There is no delayed start feature. For hour or day purchases, you can download the app and setup your account in advance, but you should purchase your parking permit when you arrive at the parking lot.

12. What if I don’t have a smart phone?

If you wish to setup an annual permit, please call the SurfCAST support team with your preferred credentials, car details (make, color, license plate, and state of registration), and payment information (credit or debit card), and we will gladly setup your account remotely. We can be reached at 910-202-6001 any day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

If you wish to park for the day – please use NTB07 (across from Rogers Bay Campground on route NC 210 / Island Drive). This lot has a Pay by Mail option and the enforcement team will leave an invoice on your windshield.

§ Note: Pay by Mail is $30 for the day and has no hourly option.

13. How do I change or rest my password?

To change your password, go to "Settings," then "Profile," and proceed to change your password.

To reset your password, you must contact SurfCAST as the password reset feature we had did not meet the security requirements for this parking application. We will be providing an app update in early April with the new password reset function.

§ Reminder: if you forgot your password, but have a resident or annual permit, you do not need to login each time you park and you can wait for the update to reset your password if needed.

14. I paid for parking but still received a parking violation notice

This is usually caused by an incorrect License Plate entry in the app – either the number or the state of registration. To get the violation voided, please send a request to SurfCAST support (customerservice@ottoconnect.us) from the email address used to register the account, explain the issue, and send a photo of the violation notice if possible (we will need the license plate number and citation number at a minimum). We will investigate, void the violation as appropriate, and confirm back. Then, at your earliest convenience, you should go on the app and correct the license plate information via "Settings," then "Vehicles," and then "Edit."

If you believe there were other extenuating circumstances, please send a request and explanation to SurfCAST support (customerservice@ottoconnect.us). We will investigate and respond as quickly as possible.

15. Is handicap parking still free?

Yes, with limitations. A vehicle displaying a handicap license plate and/or hangtag parked in a designated handicap space is free. Any other parking space still will require a parking permit via the app.

§ Note: There are no provisions for handicap parking in the NTB44 zone, the 4X4 Drive On Area. That zone will require a permit for all vehicles without exception.

16. What does “No Side Street Parking” mean?

Parking is allowed only in designated parking areas, so no parking includes on the street, partially on the street, and in the public “right of way.”

17. Does my permit in North Topsail Beach work in Surf City?

No, Surf City is a separate town and has their own system.

18. Can I use an iPad or Android Tablet, or does it need to be a smart phone?

Yes, an iPad or iPhone with iOS v14.x will work (does not work on iPhone 6 or earlier and equivalent iPads). Yes, an Android based tablet or smart phone will work. We’ve recently removed the Android OS limitation and now support back to Version 6.

19. Will you accept a check to setup an account and purchase an annual permit?

Yes, please send your preferred account information: email, car details (make, color, license plate, and state of registration) – max 2, and a check for $250 made out to Otto Connect, Inc. - to:

Otto Connect, Inc.

Attention: Parking Services

P.O. Box 2448

Surf City, NC 28445

We will setup your account and send you confirmation once your account has been activated.

Policy Updates

  • Effective 3/15 – The Town has now approved 2 vehicles per annual permit for Visitors. The second vehicle can be added in the app via "Settings" (the 3 bars at the top left corner of the Home page), "Vehicles," then "Add." Both vehicles are required to be registered to the same address.

  • Effective 3/15 – The Town has restricted changes to adding/removing vehicles to once every 90 days. If you make a change, the next change will be blocked for a 90-day period. If you have an exception such as purchase of a new car with temporary license plates followed by regular license plates – please contact the SurfCAST support team via email (customerservice@ottoconnect.us) and they will lift the restriction one time for you to make the change.

  • Effective 3/15 – If you have a resident permit or are a holder of an annual permit for parking, you no longer need to login each time you park in NTB. No action is required as long as you are using one of your registered vehicles. Lot utilization will be recorded via your scanned license plate information.


NTB01 - Reeves Street -10

NTB02 - Chestnut Street - 20

NTB03 - 21st Avenue - 12

NTB04 - 13th Avenue - 12

NTB05 - Rodney Knowles Park - 14

NTB06 - Myrtle Drive - 15

NTB07 - 4030 Island Drive -150

NTB08 - Jeffries #1 - 80

NTB09 - Jeffries #2 - 217

NTB10 - Town Park S - 20

NTB11 - Town Park N - 23

NTB12 - Jenkins - 20

NTB13 - Bay Court Parallel - 12

NTB14 - Marina Way Parallel - 12

NTB15 - North End Lot - 35

NTB44 - 4X4 Drive On Area


Standard Lots

Hourly - $ 5.00

Daily - $25.00

Weekly - $100.00

Annual - $250.00

Park By Mail Lot – (NTB07 at 4030 Island Drive)

Daily - $30.00

4X4 Drive On Lot – (NTB44 at the north end)

Daily - $25.00

Weekly - $100.00

Annual - $250.00

More details can be found at ntbnc.org/beach-accesses.

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