Coastal Storm Damage Reduction Project 


Project initiated:  2002

Estimated Total Cost:  $138,493,000

NTB Share:  $50,000,000

Location (NTB):  South end of North Topsail Beach from CBRA line (approx. 3834 Island Dr.) to Surf City Line.

Coverage Area:  9.9 miles (including Surf City portion)

Amount of Sand:  11.9 million cubic yards (initial construction)

Expected Results:  15' dune 25' wide + 7' berm 50' wide

Renourishment Cycle:  Every 6 years (2.6 million cubic yards of sand)

Status of Project:  On August 27, 2010 the Civil Works Review Board approved the release of the project for final state and agency review (by unanimous vote).  The plan is to have a signed Chief's report December 14, 2010 and a signed Record of Decision by May 2011.  Assuming the project receives a contingent authorization in the Water Resources Development Act in December 2010 and a new construction start in Fiscal Year 2013, the Project Partnership Agreement could be executed by March 2013, with a contruction contract awarded in September 2014 and construction beginning in November 2014.  See below for latest update.


LATEST UPDATE: Refer to TISPC monthly reports found on Current Agenda Packet page.


Army Corps of Engineers Briefing for Civil Works Review Board

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