Renovation Application


To make a renovation application without addition, you will need the following documents:

  • Lien agent appointment (instructions in application online)
  • Workers’ Compensation Affidavit (in online application)
  • “Notice for Property Owners, Contractors, and Design Professionals” page 6 and 7 completed (in online application)
  • Elevation Certificate
  • CAMA Permit: Tina Martin is the CAMA Field Representative with the NC Department of Environmental Quality who covers North Topsail Beach, available at (252) 725-3908. Please inquire about the need for a CAMA determination.

Application Process

North Topsail Beach has launched a new platform for permitting.

Log into:

  1. Mouse over “Services” tab in the top bar
  2. Click "Permits"
  3. In the left-hand column, click "Apply online"
  4. Select "Renovation Permit" in the drop-down menu
  5. Complete the application. It will ask for the:
    1. Lien agent entry #
    2. Workers’ Compensation Affidavit (upload)
    3. Owner’s Affidavit (upload)
    4. Contractor’s Affidavit (upload)
    5. Project Cost Estimate (upload)
    6. Elevation Certificate
    7. CAMA Determination
  6. Once completed, click "submit" (once submitted, please note the renovation permit number)
  7. Complete any associated trade permits. 
    1. Mouse over “Services” tab in the top bar
    2. Click "Permits"
    3. In the left-hand column, click "Apply online"
    4. Select "(applicable trade) Permit" in the drop-down menu. Possible associated trade permits may be:
      1. Electrical
      2. Mechanical
      3. Insulation
      4. Plumbing
      5. Fuel Gas
    5. Complete the application.
      1. Indicate “Existing Project” and type in the renovation permit number noted above.
    6. Once completed, click “submit”

Once the application is complete with all associated trades, the Planning Director will conduct a substantial improvement determination, followed by a project review by the Building Codes Administrator.

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