In addition to its 11 mile shoreline, North Topsail Beach has many acres of undeveloped land and wetlands which surround residential property.  It is common for property owners, residents, and visitors to have an encounter with an animal whether it be a stray or a wild animal foraging for food or looking for a new home.  Wild animals should be admired from afar and left alone.  If you find one that is not afraid of humans, be very cautious as this could be a sign of rabies. 


Mosquitos are also a common occurrence in this area.  The Town performs mosquito control measures during certain times of the year and will respond to requests from property owners. 


This page includes contact information for assistance with animals and mosquitoes.

Town Resources


Mosquito Control Requests


Please fill out this form and fax or email to contacts listed on the form.


Animal Carcasses 


Contact Public Works at 910-328-5297 if the carcass is located on the beach strand, in the roads or right-of-way within the Town, or if it is located in a Town-owned parking lot or park. 

State and County Resources


Onslow County Animal Control


Call first for any animal if rabies is suspected. Call for stray dogs and cats.


Operation Top Cat


N.C. Wildlife Helpline


Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center

Terry Meyer at 910-470-2880

Jean Beasley at 910-470-2800


Marine Mammal Stranding



Possumwood Acres Wildlife Sanctuary


Will transport and treat sick or injured birds and other wildlife.  


Shark Brochure