Board of Aldermen Meeting Information

Monthly Meetings

The Board of Alderman meet the 1st Wednesday of each month at 11:00 a.m. The Board will hear general public comment near the beginning and end of each regular meeting during the public forums.

Putting Your Issue on the Agenda

  1. If you wish to have an item on the regular meeting agenda, please Email the Town Clerk at 910-328-1349 ext. 25.
  2. The Town Clerk will send your request to the Mayor and Board of Alderman. If one or more Board members agree to put it on the agenda, it will be added.
  3. Please note that the Board votes on the agenda at the beginning of each meeting and agenda items may be removed by a majority vote. The deadline for submitting supporting documents for agenda items is by the close of business a week prior to the regular meeting date.

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