Conversion Application


To make a conversion application with all proposed development above base-flood elevation (BFE) located within the existing heated footprint of an existing structure, you will need these:

  1. Addition Permit Application (online)
    1. Build plans
    2. Lien Agent Entry #, if project costs $30,000+ (instructions in online application)
    3. Workers’ Compensation Affidavit (in online application)
    4. Agreement of Building Application Terms (in online application)
    5. Window Glazing Protection Acknowledgement (in online application)
  2. All associated trade permits

Application Process

Please visit: to make this application and complete the following applications in this order:

  1. Complete an Addition Application:
    1. Mouse over “Services” tab in the top bar
    2. Click “Permits”
    3. In the left-hand column, click “Apply online”
    4. Select “Addition Permit” in the drop-down menu
    5. Complete the application
      1. Indicate “Existing Project” and enter the ZFP permit number noted above
    6. Once complete, click "Submit"
      1. Once submitted, make a note of this permit number (ex. AP21-000xxx)
  2. Complete any associated trade permits. 
    1. Mouse over “Services” tab in the top bar
    2. Click "Permits"
    3. In the left-hand column, click "Apply online"
    4. Select "(applicable trade) Permit" in the drop-down menu. Possible associated trade permits are:
      1. Electrical
      2. Mechanical
      3. Insulation
      4. Plumbing
      5. Fuel Gas (if applicable)
    5. Complete each application
      1. Indicate “Existing Project” and type in the AP21 permit number noted above
    6. Once completed, click “submit”

If the space is being converted from an attic/unheated to habitable/heated, the following may apply:

  1. CAMA Permit: Tina Martin is the CAMA Field Representative with the NC Department of Environmental Quality who covers North Topsail Beach, available at (252) 725-3908 Please inquire about the need for a CAMA determination.
  2. Substantial Improvement Determination: Notice for property owners, contractors, and design professionals page 6, 7, and 8 completed (attached)
  3. Septic/Sewer Permit Upgrade
    1. Contact Onslow County Health Department for a septic permit, or
    2. Contact Pluris for a sewer permit

Upload the documents listed above in the Addition Permit application.

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