Fence/Gate Application

Please note: solid board or stockade fences are prohibited


A fence/gate permit application requires the following documents:

  1. Plot plan or Sketch showing:
    1. Location of fence on property
    2. Fence/gate dimensions (length, width, height)
  2. Picture/Image of the style of proposed fence/gate
  3. If proposed fence is solid, or is prone to trapping debris: V-Zone Certificate prepared by a qualified registered design professional demonstrating no harmful diversion of floodwaters or wave runup and wave reflection that would increase damage to adjacent buildings and structures

Application Process

Please visit: https://www.citizenserve.com/northtopsailbeach and complete the following:

  1. Log into: https://www.citizenserve.com/northtopsailbeach
  2. Mouse over “Services” tab in the top bar
  3. Click on "Planning and Zoning"
  4. In the left-hand column, click on "Apply online"
  5. Select "Fence Permit" in the drop-down menu
  6. Complete the application and click "submit"

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